How to install OBD Amigos on macOS

These instructions are based on a forum post by a OBD Amigos user. Big thanks to smial on

OBD Amigos depends on various Perl libraries and some other opensource utilities. To satisfy these dependencies on macOS there is MacPorts or alternatively Homebrew. These instructions are based on MacPorts.
  1. open a Terminal window

  2. MacPorts requires the Apple Command Line Developer Tools, therefore if you haven't already installed them then do so by entering the following command:
    xcode-select --install

  3. install MacPorts from the official MacPorts web site.

    After installing MacPorts to make sure that MacPorts is up-to-date run the following command:
    sudo port -v selfupdate

  4. install 'wget' from MacPorts:
    sudo port install wget

  5. create a directory for OBD Amigos and make it the current directory:
    mkdir ~/obd_amigos
    cd ~/obd_amigos

  6. use the following commands to download all program files from into this directory:
    sh update

  7. make the program and the desktop shortcut executable:
    chmod 755
    chmod 755 OBD_Amigos.command

  8. move the desktop shortcut to the Desktop:
    mv OBD_Amigos.command ~/desktop/

  9. install Perl and other required dependencies from MacPorts:
    sudo port install perl5
    sudo port install p5-datetime
    sudo port install p5-config-simple
    sudo port install p5-device-serialport
    sudo port install xorg
    sudo port install p5-tk
    sudo port install ImageMagick
    sudo port install liberation-fonts
    At this point you will need to reboot your Mac for the xorg package.

  10. edit the configuration file (obd_amigos.ini) to suit your car and OBD2 adapter

    The two most important configuration parameters that you need to edit are the serial device file and
    baud rate of your OBDII adapter ("port_details" parameter) and your vehicle type ("gen" parameter).

    You should also uncomment the "screenshot" parameter preconfigured for macOS
    (remove the hash "#" at the beginning of the line).

    All other configuration parameters are optional and can usually be left at default values.

  11. run from the Terminal to check whether it starts successfully:
    cd ~/obd_amigos
    If it starts successfully from the Terminal then you should also be able to start it from the Desktop shortcut.

Please note:
The ELM327 compatible OBD2 adapter must be connected to your laptop first, before starting OBD Amigos.
In case you get the error "Couldn't find an ELM module" check that the serial device file (usually /dev/tty.usbserial-XXXX ) exists.

In case of problems with the installation you can get in touch using the email address provided on the main page. Please provide an exact description of the problem including the complete output you get from OBD Amigos on the Terminal, including any error message, specify the OBD2 adapter you are using (if it's a unknown cinese one then please make a photo of the adapter), the macOS version and the exact model of the car you are trying to connect to.

'OBD Amigos' is copyright © 2020-2023 LinuxTECH.NET, all rights reserved,
the current version of this program is free for personal use but redistribution is strictly prohibited.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE

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