How to use the 'Repeat On/Off' button of OBD Amigos

The 'Repeat On/Off' button will enable or disable automatic retrieval of data from your e-up! / CITIGOe iV / Mii electric at fixed intervals and after each retrieval save a screenshot of the retrieved data. This functionality is available for the 'AC Charge', 'DC Charge' and 'Driving' pages.

Enable automatic retrieval of data:

Disable automatic retrieval of data (for 'AC Charge' or 'DC Charge'):

Disable automatic retrieval of data (for 'Driving'):

Customising the repeat interval times:

You can customise the repeat interval times in the obd_amigos.ini configuration file. Change the AC_repeat, DC_repeat, DRV_repeat values (in milliseconds) to suit your needs.

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